Normal sized chairs are so passé—and uncomfortable. Couches are so last decade. What never goes out-of-style are oversized chairs. These chairs are a great alternative to placing normal sized chairs and/ or couches to a space. For example, these chairs are perfect for people of all sizes and shapes and they are cozy. In fact, they are great for people with back problems because of their large, supportive frames. What makes these chairs oversized is that they are larger than the standard chair, but not as large as a sofa or love-seat. Sometimes these chairs are called a chair and a half. The reason why the chairs are so popular is because of their design. They are intended to infuse style, comfortable and spaciousness into any space.

Many of the oversized chairs often include an Ottoman and/ or matching throw pillows. They are made similar to the designs of normal chairs. For instance, the materials used to construct the chairs and a half can vary from cotton, leather or synthetic materials. Typically, the chairs are overstuffed which increases the comfort and durability. Unless you buy an oversized bean bag chair, an oversized chair has legs made of wood. The legs vary from a straight and simple design to ornate carvings. Depending on the chair, the legs can be visible or hidden from view. You can also pick heavy duty chairs with legs made of chrome or steel.

Of course, choosing a chair and a half depends on your particular style. For example, the chairs are available in a wide range of colors and styles ranging from modern to traditional. Thus, you want to consider your current décor. If you have a traditional design, you may want a chair and a half recliner that resembles that décor. However, you can mix up the design and choose a contemporary chair for a traditional décor. Another example is adding an oversized leather chair in a space with fabrics or wood furnishings.

Each type of large chair has a different feature. For example, one chair may feature a footrest. The other may have a headrest. However, there are some major features that set each chair and a half apart from another. An oversized swivel chair has a caster which allows you to move the chair from one direction to another. Another type option is oversized recliner chairs. You can sit upright in the chair or recline regardless of whether it has a footrest or not.

Although these chairs are often overstuffed, there are large chairs without any cushioning. They are generally constructed of metal and/ or may not feature some design element like a curved back.

How to Select Oversized Recliner Chairs

Oversized Chairs in greenFirst, think about the space where you intend to place the chair. These chairs are difficult to fit in small spaces. Small recliners are a welcome option. So, make sure that the room can accommodate the chair without having it overwhelm the space. Measure the space where you plan to place the chair and a half. Sp called space saving chairs are your best bet. Make sure to allow space for: 

• Walking in front of or around the chair 
• Any additional items like footrest, ottoman or table
• Additional chair features like reclining room or swiveling 

Also, you want to think about the area where you’re placing the chair. Many people place a chair and a half in a dining room for dramatic, inviting effect. In this case, a person must consider the height of the chair and dining room table. Typically, a short, chair and a half paired with a small table is suitable to let guest dine in comfort. If you are placing the chair in an office, you have to think about desk or table height. The same goes for other rooms such as living room and even your bedroom.

There are various brands that offer these type of oversized chairs. There are the famous Berkline recliners and Flexsteel sofas to mention just a few. If you are looking for more space saving products, it might be wise to look out for the Bradington Young brand.

Purpose Of A Oversized Swivel Chair

You may think this is an obvious, but the purpose of the chair and a half is a little deceptive. Yes, you and your guests will sit in the chair. Yes, you want to add decorative flair. However, you have to think about the other reasons you’ll use the chair like: 

• Watching television 
• Reading to your children 
• Curling up with a good book 
• Working 
• Lounging 
• Eating dinner 
• Holding meetings 
• Additional sleeping space
• Replacing a sofa, love seat or standard size chair

Oversized Chairs are versatileOnce you know the purpose you have in mind of the chair, you can select the different features this type of oversized swivel accent chair has. For instance, if you plan to watch movies or television shows, then a chair that reclines is the perfect option. However, if you plan to read or surf the Internet, then you want to look for oversized chairs with comfortable armrests so you can curl up without feeling uncomfortable. If you plan to have additional sleeping space in a room, then you want to look into a chair with a folding mattress. The mattress in an oversized chair is usually the width of a twin bed.

Furniture Layout

Once you know the purpose and the space, you want answer some other questions such as: 

  • Will this chair be the focal point of the room?
  • Do you plan to use any other cushioned furniture like a love seat or couch?
  • Do you want the other furniture to match the chair and a half’s design and color?
  • Do you want a large chair that is overstuffed or metal?
  • Are you planning to use a slipcover on the chair?

oversized chair slipcoversA large chair is extremely durable. However, many individuals choose to cover their chairs with slipcovers to protect them from the constant wear and tear that accompanies daily use. Before buying oversized chair slipcovers, measure your chair’s height and length. Add about six inches to your dimension. This allows the slipcover some slack when you sit down. You also need an underlay lining. This extra form fitting lining protects your chair from stains and liquid from seeping into. Thus, you need to place the lining over the chair, then the slipcover.

When considering oversized chairs, you need to know as much as you can to select the right chair. However, you can’t go wrong with one of these larger than normal chairs. They can fit two people comfortably and are available in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. Whether you want to buy the chair to relax in, study, for a medical condition or to change the look of a room, you can achieve your design goal. Remember, this chair should add to the space, not overwhelm it. So, make sure you take your time when selecting your chair.

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